Thursday, July 21, 2011

Date Night in July

July was one of Cory's 4 months to plan our date night so he chose to take me up to Emigration Canyon for dinner at Ruth's Diner. When we got here it was getting really busy and we would either have to wait 15 minutes for an inside table or 45+ for an outside, so in spite of the PERFECT weather and temp out we opted for an inside table.  While we waited, however, we sat out front and enjoyed the outdoors. 
Our wait started to get a bit lengthy so we ordered an appetizer, deep friend dill pickles & okra. I know it sounds kinds gross, but it really wasn't. After waiting for still a long while we inquired about our wait we found out that where we were waiting was a dead zone for our table vibrator. To apologize for our then 1 hr wait they sat us out back on the patio which was lovely, they even had a live band playing.
Our dinner was great and in spite us not even finished it all we ordered dessert because they bragged about serving authentic Hawaiian custom made ice cream and I have never heard of such a thing. It turned out is was one of the BEST vanilla ice creams I have ever had with so much vanilla the color of the cream was a grayish color. The greatest part of the meal was paying so little for our 3 course meal because they had a 50% deal from citydeals.  WOOHOO for another wonderful cheap date!

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Ashley Ferguson Moreno said...

I was just telling Luis about when I went there on a date but I couldn't remember the name. I remembered it because of the fun live music out back. How funny that you should go there. Now I can tell him the name:)