Friday, July 1, 2011


I have always struggled it is cam to cooking with yeast.  Most every attempt ended in a fail so bad that I often described my bread by telling Cory. "If I threw this bread at your head they would never know what killed you they would only know you died of blunt force trauma." Not even joking my stuff was truly that inedible, although Cory would usually take a couple of bites 'cuse he loves me that much and he knew I tried.
Well that all changed when a light bulb flipped on in my head when I made homemade doughnuts with my Mother-in-Law and I finally understood how to work with yeast. since then I have made 2 batches of bread sticks and homemade pizza which all turned out perfectly.  YEAH , hopefully my days of yeast fail are behind me and I can finally make all those yummy things that I book marked as someday recipes.

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