Friday, July 1, 2011

Fathers Day '11

This year for Father's Day I decided to do a cut idea I found out in the crafty blogisphere, the Father's day countdown calendar. For our purposes I called it The 10 Extra Days of Dad & for each the 10 days prior to Fathers day we gave Cory a small gift or card.
Here are 4 of the gifts Daddy received as part of his Dad's Day countdown; dressed up Whoppers for a Whopper of a Dad, caramel corn to the greatest POP around, a couple of fishies by Josh and Cami & a cute interview/drawing about daddy completed by Phoebe.
 On Fathers day morning this is what Cory came down to. No he didn't get a new suit, only a new tie.  The suit is one Cami peed on 18 months ago (her first week going to church) and has been laying dormant ever since in our closet waiting to be dry cleaned. Cory also got a couple of cooking gifts, a doughnut pan I used to make homemade doughnuts that morning and a twinki pan that I made homemade Ho hos with.
Sophie Marie also chose to celebrate Fathers day by making her first appearance at church with her daddy.    
For dinner I made one of the yummiest Steak and Mango Salad!  (Another great recipe out of my Mother's Day cookbook.)
The desert took me a while to make and when I did finish my ho hos & they tasted better than they look especially pictured. So if you are curious about those I will refer you to the post I got it from because they look less like poo and more like a delicious ho ho. Oh well it's the effort that counts in my cooking world sometimes, daddy enjoyed them all the same.

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