Friday, July 1, 2011

4 Under 4

I never thought of having 4 under 4 as a major ordeal until we had Sophie and social services then flagged us as a high risk family and made a special visit to us in the hospital.  Don't worry nothing major was wrong, we just had to spend sometime explaining to the Sally the social worker that we did have a support system and lots of family around to help us out. I actually laughed about the situation and the fact Social Service came and sought US out as high risk especially after seeing and listening for 4 days to the total disaster of a the mother who had a baby next to Sophie in the NICU (now that's a funny/scary story, but one example of her... she had a c-section and then she still had to ask if the baby came out vaginally or out of her tummy...the large scar across your belly & pain isn't a giveaway?!?). Anyway back on topic,  every time someone finds out we have 4 under 4 they always ask how we get some activity done. Well here are a couple examples of how we function doing common tasks.
Shopping by myself with all 4 looks like this :
Going on our daily walks:
For the most part we just keep the Typhoon Trio & Sophie home to destroy the place. If you can get use to the fact that commonly one or more are crying 1/2 the day, 4 under 4 is no more than just a big messy crazy family.

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Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

That's crazy that they sought you out & talked to you!! What a weird conversation to have with someone ... "Now you have 4 kids under 4!!! ..."