Friday, May 6, 2011

Ready or not Summer here we Come

In the last couple of weeks the Fegy kiddos have been so anxious for summer fun. We have bought some of   their summer clothes, shoes and accessories.  The twiners LOVE their new flipflop and everyday they search them out and bring them to me to put on or try to put them on their selves.
It has been truly wonderful for me to be able to send the little ones out to play because #1 they are not dependent on me for entertainment and #2 they play so hard that they sleep like little angles.
Have I ever mentioned that the twiners LOVE bath time. They immediately run into any bathroom  if they see an open door and bang on the tub so you know they want to take a bath. If you tell them no bath or are just too slow, the twins have learned to just help themselves to bath time.

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