Saturday, May 7, 2011

Forced Fergy Family Fun Night

Last Friday we decided to once last fun outing as the Fergy Five so we all packed up and headed to he mall for dinner and fun.  Unfortunately Cory was not in the mood for fun family play because had received the news that his office didn't win the bid to design a new DAs office downtown so that is where the forced fun part come into our night of  Fergy fun. 
On a happier note Phoebe was excited to pick out her own dinner. As you can see in the picture she got a kids meal from Hot Dog on a Stick. We told her if she ate all of her over priced kids meal she could ride on the carousel, so she immediately began stuff her face & pick out which horse she wanted to ride!
After dinner and the carousel we took all the kids down to play in the mall's Dino Play land. Josh & Cami LOVED playing with a globe that turned and stood and played with it half of the night, the other half of the night they stood in front of the slides so eventually they go repacked and came shopping with me while Phoebs continued to run around and play in Dino land.
After all the kids were done playing and shopping we made one more stop in the mall to visit one of Phoebs' most favorite spots...the water fountain.  I gave her the only 2 pennies I had in my purse and she excitedly tossed them into he fountain.  She then asked us to get them back so she could do it again.  We tried to explain to her that we don;t take money out of the fountain, but she was pretty upset so we called it a night and  headed packed up and headed  home to rest from all our Fergy Family Fun night
Hopefully our wee ones had fun celebrating one of our last fun outings as the Fergy Five.

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