Saturday, May 7, 2011

Scouts motto: Always be Prepared

Keeping the scout motto in mind of Be Prepared last Saturday our family took a trip to the local nursery for 2 reasons. 1. We knew it would be hard to pick out the flowers to plant in our yard after Sophie arrived & 2. Knowing we would be in the hospital for mother's day, we wanted to get a little something for Grandma Fergy's Mom's Day gift ahead of time. We told Phoebe she could pick any flower to give to grandma Fergy which she was super excited to do.
Normally we try to be prepared for our next baby about 1 month before they are scheduled to arrive. This time however we were a little slow, as in 2 days before she was scheduled to come, before this pink & green nursery was ready for one cute lil' occupant.  We chose the colors based on what scrap materials I used to make her baby quilt from.  I then looked online for cute, simple and unique art pieces I could create to finish out the cute look of her room.
Overall, I am very excited with how cute everything turned out; I just hope she likes it when she gets to finally see it herself!

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