Friday, April 29, 2011

Nursery Time

This last Sunday (Easter Sunday) was the twins first visit to nursery.  I can't believe my babies are 18 mos & in nursery already they are still very much more baby like than Phoebs was at 18 mos.  I have to admit I was looking for excuses to not drop them off in their class and keep them with me throughout church, but I felt guilty to do what was right, and it turns out both kiddos loved playing so I guess I will have to grow up and let my baby twiners go to nursery.  
The silver lining to this story for me is that I only have 2 weeks until I get another to hold another cute baby of mine throughout church once again!

1 comment:

Emily Alder said...

Man, Joshie looks like a total stud in that outfit! He's going to be the heart-throb of nursery.