Friday, April 29, 2011

My Relaxing Nite of Feet & Food & Fun

Last Friday me & a couple of the Fergy Sisters went out for a pampering night of fun. We started by getting manicures & pedicures.  The place we made reservations for forgot to write down the appt so they were way over booked, but luckily they helped us first so we didn't have to wait around for over an hour to start.  They had to rush us a bit, but it still was a nice experience especially with the hot rock message.
Once again I am the only one who never gets French tipped nails. For our fingers we all chose clear polish so no exciting pictures of them.
After our nails were done we ran to Tai Pan where I got a much needed new purse & a free trifle dish.  After my mini shopping spree we went to a new yogurt shop by me called Planet Yogurt.  In spite of the lame name the yogurt was really quite good.  As you walk in they just have a wall of 8+ different flavor yogurts then you proceed to a buffet of 50+ topping you add on yourself at the end you weigh it and pay by the oz.  I was made fun of for all my crazy pregnant random craving toppings.  Can you pick out which cup was mine?
I was nervous that it would be expensive with not knowing how much everything would weigh, but non of us paid over $3.75 for our yummy treat!  The shop even had a comfy couch for us to hangout and chat on. After dinning on our fine delicateness we wrapped it up and dashed on home back to hubbies and babes.
Thanks Julie & Charisse for a fun night!

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