Wednesday, March 2, 2011

PPP&P Party

Our family has had a rough winter thus far concerning sicknesses. About every 2 weeks one or all of us picks up a new ailment to share with the rest of the family. Always being out of commission has been rough on our family being couped up all the time so in a mini celebration I planned a Pizza, Pop, Pj & Picnic Party (PPP&  P Party). We pulled out a new movie for the family from our hidden stash, Sword & the Stone & ate our favorite Totino's Pizzas. It was such a fun night together as a family that Daddy has requested that we do this from now on 1-2x a month with our family. Growing up Cory always remembered Friday night were always a party for his family & so Fridays will be a PPP&P Party once-twice a  month in our Fergy Family.

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