Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Artistic Era Begins

Lately Phoebe has entered into a new phase, her artistic era, which has been a little troublesome for the rest of us Fergy family members.  On day one of the era Phoebs got a hold of a ballpoint pen and colored herself and brother.
On the second day of her artistic era Phoebe got a hold of a Crayola Marker and in a short amount of time managed to color on all the walls upstairs, many furniture surfaces & her siblings. When I discovered the happenings, Phoebe was in the process of attempting to clean off her siblings, however she grabbed the spray and wash and not the water spray bottle.
After that I assigned  her duties to the cleaning off of walls while I took care of the cleaning off of wee children.
Unfortunately, Phoebe thought cleaning off the walls was fun and not a punishment, so I had to assign timeout time as well.  As for the children the damage was already done and I just didn't know it yet.  Cami had gotten some of the spray and wash in her eye and for nearly 2 days she was blinded, while we repeatedly had to flush out her eyes.

After many talks about how naughty coloring on the walls is and the dangers of getting step stools to reach into mommy's things, we have taken the temptations of all pens/markers and put them in high hidden spaces away from our wee Picasso and placed all chemicals even a little bit further out of reach.

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Alison K. said...

Ahhh... the joys of motherhood. Our markers have been up high for many years now, along with our scissors. I wish i could say it is just a short phase but my almost 8 year old drew all over the back of his bedroom door this week. Magic Erasers are our best friends!!