Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Love Day '11

Every year for Valentine's Day we set up candy trails form everyones bedrooms to their gifts & this year was no exception.
Phoebe was the first to emerge out of her room at 6am.  She was way excited to finally get the candy gummy hearts that she had picked out from the store a couple days earlier.  Phoebe followed her trail only to find she didn't approve of what books went to what person so she switched them all around for us. 
Cami and Josh were up only minutes after Phoebe and they were excited to see their animal cookie trails & books.
For breakfast I made "heart" pink pancakes, however, Phoebe insisted they were bunnies.
For lunch Cory and I went out together as always. This year we went to Applebee's because thanks to my brother for Christmas we had a gift card to use. After lunch things got a bit crazy for Cory and I which included looking at a model home and even putting earnest money down for one, but to only cancel it the next day. We still love the home, but the timing just isn't right for us...maybe next year. After all of our house craziness we discided to postpone our Valentine's  Day evening plans for the family until the next night.
I had fixed a fancy dinner for us to eat on Monday, but we weren't hungry so I reheated it all and on Tuesday we enjoyed our fancy Valentine's dinner as a family; Phoebe was especially thrilled about the Martenelli's we drank. For our FHE lesson we talked about loving our family and how we all can show love for one another.  It surprisingly was one of our most successful lessons to date.  
For our treat I made pink pudding, however as I beat it more and it sat up it turned orange...oh well, it was still fancy enough for us and everyone LOVED it.

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