Thursday, February 17, 2011

Grandma's Cookie Party Fun

Every year at Valentines Grandma Fergy has a cookie party for all the grandkids. There they decorate to their hearts content cookies and cupcakes with candies and sprinkles. This year was the craziest "fun" yet with the 6 older kids super excited to decorate treats and then the 5 babes just ready to eat and get messy.
Phoebe is a cautious child  when it comes to decorating. She doesn't add much to her cookies, in fact the only reason this heart got as much as it did is because I added to it. On another note Phoebe is my MOST frustrating picture taker EVER she doesn't understand looking at the camera for a picture, so you either get a far distant look to only heaven knows where or you get after much yelling to look at the camera and hold your cookie up, cookie face girl.UGHHHH!
By know it is a widely known fact Phoebe is a non eater.  She only tends eat when she is in a social situation, which is why she took ONE bite of her beloved cookie. The rest of the cookie came home with us and has been given many times as a dessert, but she only ever eats a bit of it at a time...the cookie finally got so hard we had to toss out the rest of it & yes 2 wks later thoes cupcakes of her still have not been eaten. 
Though the twins are normally big eaters they just didn't understand the whole cookie thing so they mainly sat there and held their coolie and waved around their spoon of frosting until their cousins eventually stole what was left of their trays.
Cousin Zach got really into the decorating, but he would only use the manly color green to adorn his creations.
He had made such a widespread disaster with his sprinkles that he felt he could only begin to clean up the mess by wetting his hands continually and licking them up, unfortunately this gave Phoebe an idea of what to do with pink sprinkles. 
After all was said and done the twins maintained their nearly perfectly clean staus compared to the rest of the babes.  I think they would have been more into it if they were both teething at the time.
Until all the yummy fun again next year including another baby in the mix,  this picture of brother will have to tide us over.

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