Friday, February 4, 2011

First Cuts & Fire Hats

Our little boy has what can only be described as crazy red hair.  When it is done (wet with gel) it is very curly and I call him little Mikey (because he had a Jerry curl), but for the other 6 days besides Sunday he has hair resembling Flint Lockwood, the main character in Cloudy with a Change of Meatballs.  We have been talking about giving him his very first a hair cut for a couple weeks now, but when it came down to it I wasn't sure how I was going to cut 1. a wiggly little boys hair 2. such curly hair.  I figured however, after someone on Sunday commented on Josh's afro and yesterday when we went to play at a neighbors house and her boy who about the same age and hair color had such nicely done hair it was time to take a "wack" at the long shaggy mane of Joshie's head.
For proof of the crazy red hair he sports on a daily bases I have before pictures.  See wacky uncontrollable frizz.
After about 20 minutes and only a few tears our little man is once again so handsome.  I had to use both sheers and scissors to achieve his look.  I wanted it short in the back but still noticeably curly on top & I think it was achieved.  Is it a totally perfect haircut, nope, but it is good enough for me and I had reached the end of this little boys good natured patience.  As I am looking at the pictures, trust me it looks better in person, but either way I think this wee one is cute enough to even pull of his mama's crazy hair cuts.
NOTE: I didn't do his hair in these pics it just got wet and went extra curly now that we cut a little length off the top.

I just couldn't write about cuties and leave this cutie twin out. I posted last week about the trip to the fire station, well, Cams still loves her hat, especially now that we took the elastic off.  She puts it on in the morning & wears it all around the house. Her biggest pet peeve is when her siblings try and take off her, she gets so mad and screams till they give it back. Here sh is watching TV & playing with it on.


Lenise Souza said...

Beautiful babies!


orvokki4 said...

Oi, how sweet red-hair-boy. He looks like a litlle funny-engel. I love him. Regards from Finland. We have in Helsinki very lots of snow now. (and of course, in whole Finland)