Friday, February 4, 2011

Party On pt 2 & Only 15 Months late

Last Saturday a friend of mine, Stephanie, took me out for a late birthday celebration.  We started by going to a day spa for manicures & pedicures only to find out that the place that we had made appointments for a month ago and had pd gift certificates to was now out of business.  Feeling a bit annoyed we went on with our next plan which was to go eat.  We were too early for the lunch we had planned so instead we ate a late breakfast & boy I am thrilled we did!!!  The place we went was some place neither of us had ever been to but, it came highly recommended and now I pass this recommendation on to you all.  If you in the SLC area you must go to Gourmandis Bakery.  Here is a picture of the breakfast I ate.  Sorry, I ate half of it before I remembered to take a picture so think of all this deliciousness x2.  The berries were some of the best I have EVER had & it only was $4.75 for it all!!!  I can't rave about t enough I am craving it just thinking of it.
After breakfast we went and had to pay again for pedicures, but it was worth it; both Stephanie & I needed them really bad!  With my toes all beautified it was then off to the nest party, the Fergy clan V-day apron sewing party.   
We picked a new fun pattern and got together and sewed our holiday/everyday aprons. Here are 3 of the aprons completed. I was about 1 hr late so like always I had to take mine home to complete it. After only about 45 minutes my cute reversible apron was complete.  One side is for v-day and the other for St. Patties day; a rather genius idea I came up with myself.

On another sewing note, I have been trying to finish up undone projects lately which included Cami's baby blanket from mommy.  I figured it is only 15 mos late, but she really wouldn't have even appreciated it until now anyway.  I chose to make her a rag quilt like her twin brothers, but I didn't want to make all the little squares so she has cute stripes, a cute pattern I made up on my own.
It turned out cute and you can see the front vs back with fun bright flannel colors just fitting for our wild baby Cams.

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