Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thirty Something

By the picture drawn in the shower wall you can see it's birthday time again for another Fergy member.  Last Wednesday (Jan 26th) I turned 31. Last year I was thirty, flirty and thriving, but this year I am now Thirty Something (like that 80's v show full of old people)... even though I am growing more and more ancient I still love birthdays! This year Cory was way on top of things and wrapped my gifts almost 2 weeks ahead of time.  Our up-stairs counter was full of presents!  
Phoebe was sooo exited for my birthday that everyday, about 20x a day, she would tell me, "Mom you know what we got you for your birthday? A Peasant" (and no I don't mean present, I mean it like a poor person, a peasant).
Cory was extra tricky this year with the wrapping of my presents. He wrapped dvds with marshmallow or packing Styrofoam or in giant sacks to try and throw me off in my guesses. It looks like Cory went and spent a million bucks, but not all these gifts wonderful gifts were from him, half were from my parents, but Cory still wrapped them all lovely for me.
For the first half of my birthday day I spent it partying it up at the Drs office, for the 2nd year in a row.  Phoebe woke up sick on Tuesday and we took her to the Drs to find out she had an ear infection, blisters on the back of he throat and a developing stone in her saliva duct.  To get her better they put her on a new medicine and that then started the vomiting which is why we had to go back to the Drs on my birthday.  Phoebe was allergic to her new meds.  After she got them all out of her system she was our happy party girl once again.  For the second half of the day we got to once again party on! We enjoyed pizza from my favorite pizza place Sweet Home Chicago Pizzeria, then we blew out the candles on yummy cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy.
Note the little hand trying to steal my cupcake, don't worry he got to eat a fair portion of it later.  Even if I have to get older to celebrate my birthday I am happy to do so.  Minus the drs visit, thanks family for another great birthday!!

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I'm Paige said...

Good job Cory! Happy birthday Jennie :)