Thursday, February 17, 2011

V-Day Countdown 2011

Once again Cory and I did our V-day countdown, a little something we started last year that makes the holiday a bit more fun.  This year I changed out some of the events we didn't enjoy doing so much last year and found fun new activities, such as making our own malt shop.
Another new activity was to take a photo for each other that shows your love and exchange them. Cory was cute and creative with love mice that live in the kiddos play kitchen.
I, of course, always tend to chose projects that are too ambitious and turn out to be a bit disastrous. I had the idea that each kid would hold a sign with a word and I would take the picture and then Photoshop together for one cute pic.  Simple right... wrong here is a taste of how the photo shoot went.
To compound the problem I quickly remembered then too I am out of practice with Photoshop and that is a hard program to use for the unskilled so I tried one last time to get a cute photo of all the kids at once, but after another failed cute photo-
This was Cory's final V-day picture:
Oh well, the pictures are a bit humorous to look back at now and next year I will take a note from my creative husband and keep it simple and cute.  
One successful valentine I made for Cory this year was this candy gram. In case you can't see it all too well it's a shovel in PB M&Ms and a card that reads I really dig you. I was happy with how cute/delicious it turned out!

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Jess said...

Jennie, I absolutely LOVE your valentines picture to Cory! You are so creative, and I love hearing about your fun traditions for each holiday. It makes me feel lazy but inspired at the same time!