Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Phoebe ScissorHands

A couple weeks ago we were dressing Josh in his PJs when we suddenly saw a suspicious rip in the back.   but we let it go without too much more thought. The next day however I noticed Daddy had dressed Josh in this shirt with tons of little uniform "rips" in them. I then realized what was happening to all of Josh's clothing.

Mommy: Phoebe did you cut take scissors and cutup Joshie's clothes?
Phoebe: Ummm yes
Mommy:  When did you do that?
Phoebe:  Thursday...umm no Saturday.

That simply was her confession with zero regret in it. She then continued to tell everyone that she cutup Joshie's clothes on Saturday, like she has any concept of what days of the week are. I had to laugh even though it was naughty  and we had to have a talk about NEVER playing with scissors.


The Petterssons said...

That is really funny!

Alison K. said...

I keep all my scissors up very high!