Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Date Night December Edition

Date Night in December was suppose to be Pizzeria Night where we make our own pizzas and then eat them, but we were felling lazy so we changed it to be go get pizza from 5 Buck, have root beer and watch Eclipse & afterwards enjoy banana splits.  I really end up enjoying these casual dates so much more that next year I have made my 12 dates of 2011 and most of them are casual fun ones, and not stress out nights of planning and perfection.  Also this coming year Cory agreed to plan 4 of the dates while I plan the other 8 so we drew months our months out of a jar and I got busy planning.  Many of the dates I picked are going to be fun group dates so if you are in the area you may be chosen to accompany us on one of our fantastic 12 dates of 2011.

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