Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Pics

I always have this dream in mind that this will be the year we will have the perfect picture of our family on our Christmas cards, we will be a model postcard family.  Plans for this year were once again too lofty.  As time was quickly passing I decided to try to do cute kid pictures by myself at home.  

Here were the results in matching cute clothes. Phoebe cooperated nicely, Cami did okay, but I saw later she had crumb on her cheek and Josh...well I probably have an ulcer after yelling so much to get his attention or to try and have him sit in one place and not to just crawl to me.
The group picture in front of the tree was the ONLY one I was able to get, before tears and crying broke out & by the expressions on 2 of the 3 kids it was not exactly the pictures I wanted to send on this year's Christmas cards
After a couple days had passed I was feeling brave enough to try the pictures again, but this time in a new venue, our back yard.  Once again I could not get the perfect picture of everyone at the same time & I probably just aggravated the ulcer I gave myself trying to do this the first time, but I do love these pics for all the fun expressions I was able to capture of the kids. 

These were just a couple other pictures I got that day. Cami is always at this gate shaking it with all her might to let you know to come and get her. Also, I blogged a couple weeks ago about Cami & the rocking chair, well now the twins both fight over who gets to be in it & sometimes they are willing to share it while being naughty and standing in it.

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