Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Devotional

Earlier in November & December Cory had to spend every Tuesday and Sunday at the church while the Bishop did the years end tithing settlement.  On one of the last Sundays the Church was broadcasting their annual Christmas devotional and since Phoebe has learned to recognize Thomas Monson as the Prophet she was eager to see him speak. To make it more special I made fancy Sundays for us to enjoy while we watched he broadcast.  Phoebe loved her ice cream and I loved mine & so did the twiners who eagerly stood at my feet to get a couple bit of ice cream & chocolate.
About half way through the broadcast Phoebe reached her attention span limit so all of the kids dicided to spread some old blue prints of daddy's  out all over the floor and run/crawl all over it for the fun crinkle noise it made.  It drove me a bit nutty, because it was SOOO loud, but it made the kids happy so I just let them play on.

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Ashley Ferguson Moreno said...

I want some ice cream! I haven't had some in MONTHS:(