Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ya gotta watch 'em like a hawk...

What to you get when you have a toddler in the bath and two screaming babies??? A lot of bubbles!!!

Phoebe took my distraction time to open a new bottle of princess bubbles and dump it all in at one time.
Cami is our resident climber.  She climbs everywhere and get stuck in a lot of places too. She has even figured out the concept: if you're not tall enough, get something stand on.  
One of the places Cami has taken a liking to climb to and gets stuck on is Phoebe's bed and up until last week the only way she could get down in just fail herself off, she now has the whole climbing down thing so I don't just have to catch her before she tumbles down anymore.
Note the horns Cami constantly sports. These are the remnants of pig tails I put in her hair previously after she has ripped them out, this horn-due can last for days. Also, my child usually starts the day off with pants however many times she either takes them off during nap somehow or just crawls out of them during the day.


Annie said...

Ellie's hair is still stickin gout from her pony tail on Sunday. =) These are cute pictures. I'm glad everything turned out well with your trip to PCMC. Pheobe is so lucky to get to eat cheese on everything! =)

Ashley Ferguson Moreno said...

Cami's hair is NICE!