Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Two Dates in One Day

In November Cory & Phoebe went on a double date with one of her BFFs, Cassie and her daddy to Disney on Ice.  I can not even tell you how excited Phoebe was for this, especially when she found out that she got to take the "train" to the show.  We have never taken Phoebs to anything special like this because she doesn't seem to stay still, but Cory said from the second the lights went out and Mickey stepped onto the eyes she was glued to her seat.
The show was broken up into 4 separate Disney segments. The first act was The Lion King.
The second act was The Little Mermaid.
The third act was Lilo & Stitch. This show didn't really excite Phoebe since we have never seen this show.
After the 3rd act it was intermission. Phoebe now can tell you what a Zamboni does. After watching the Zamboni clean the ice for a bit, Daddy treated Phoebe to some pretzel bits, something she now asks to have for lunch all the time.
The fourth & final act was Peter Pan.  Phoebe loved how the characters actually flew over the audience.
After Peter Pan, Mickey & Friends came out once again again to say goodbye.  Phoebe  thought it was funny how Goofy kept falling down & she has told me about it several times. After the show it was back to the train to come home.

After the show it was time for naps and that evening it was Mommy and Daddy's Date night. This month's theme: Drive-In. I have to say this turned out to be one of my most favorite dates all year. We started by putting the kids to bed and then giving the baby monitor to our neighbors for a couple minutes while ran to sonic.  
I chose this returant because you can order from your car like you were at an old fasion drive in. We then returned home and pulled in the garage where we laid down the seats in the back of the van, cozied up with blankets, ate our yummies and watched Oceans 13 on our laptop.  Once again we both fell asleep before the movie ended, but this was still one of my favorite dates because it took NO effort to put together& it was really something different while still being at home.  It was just fun to eat yummy food and cozy up with my hubby. I am just sorry I got no pictures of it , but oh well, this date will definitely be on the list to do again next year!  

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