Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another year...another round at Primary's

We are starting to notice a trend, every year Phoebe goes in for check-up is another year we are back at  Primary's to see why the numbers haven't change.  This year tests were a bone x-ray test and blood work. 
The bone test came back normal, but the thyroid test came in a little low so we were sent to a pediatric endocrinologist, (don't ask me what this doctor does I still don't know). The first thing we were told upon the Dr. entering the room is "Don't worry Phoebe is fine." The numbers were low because that is common for really underweight petite children. In hopes to change these numbers, we have been given a new diet to try for the next 6 mos. The diet regulations are NO pop NO juice, only whole milk with Carnation. ALL meats must have gravy, even Phoebe's beloved hot dogs must now be served with gravy & finally ALL veggies must have cheese, and not part skim or low fat cheese, the richest most fattening cheese we can find...so aka the diet that the rest of America is currently on and slowly dying from.  The hope is that after 6 months of this diet we will return to the labs for retesting to see all the numbers jump up out of the range of 2%.

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