Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trunk-or-Treat, Halloween & Date Night

Since Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, the tricks & treats were spread over 3 separate days.  The first was on Friday at grandma/pa Fergy's Halloween Party.  I missed  out on most of the party since we didn't want to have the twins party with the rest of the group due to the fact they had been sick all week with an intestinal bug, so daddy partied on with Phoebe alone.  Here is the rest of the Fergy group in there cute costumes, we were one of the only lame-o parents who didn't dress up.
 Daddy with Phoebe & the other Fergys
The Madsens & Mom in her Halloween Apron
  Dave & the whole Medico clan
Megan & Blake (he was Mr. Rogers and she was a preggo nurse (not really))
This was a picture we got with the twins when I came to pick Daddy & Phoebe up.

On Saturday night we had our ward trunk or treat.  Phoebe dressed up in her cowgirl outfit except this time we curled her hair, so cute!!!  The twins were suppose to be Indians but since they were sick we didn't make them dress-up.  Our Bishopric dressed up as the Three Amigos and even did the amigo dance.

On Sunday, the real Halloween we really didn't do much. We had mummy dogs for dinner and since Phoebe doesn't like mustard they remained eyeless, but you get the idea.
Later after the kids went to bed we had our monthly date night. It was a Football Date & since it was Sunday night we made tailgater food and watched the game. We had chips and chili cream cheese dip, popcorn chicken with sauce and root beer out of fancy glass bottles. It was an easy date & I would definitely do this one again, but instead have it at nap time because Cory & I both soon feel asleep after eating, since it was after 9pm & full tummys and a warm bed = sleeping time to us.

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Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

What a DARLING date night!! Your ideas all year long have been fun!! Luckily the twiners still got to dress-up in JAMMIES! Those are the best dress-ups anyways!