Wednesday, September 9, 2015

February 2015 Tidbits

In February we tended the little neighbor boy Shad a couple times. Shad is only a couple month younger than Sophie and I LOVE how cute they are playing and hanging out together.
Cami Has this thing for wearing 80's attire lately and swishing over her bangs, she was just born 19+ yrs too late, I guess.
Grandma Fergy & Davy put on our annual Fergy winter party this year, we had many stations we rotated between, like decorate a snowman and cookie decorating.
Sophie had her first dental appt in Feb and she got away with a clean bill of health, no cavities!
Who wore it better?? Sophie & Cami  crack me up with their styles lately.
This year Phoebe had an all original idea for her valentines, she wanted to give suckers out and have a note that says see ya suckers! I busted up laughing when she first told me and it was very appropriate since they were just going off track then. For the other kiddos's valentines, Josh chose dinosaurs, Cami did Zebra cakes and Sophie gave out bubbles.
Valentines day fell on a Saturday this year so we got to spend the whole day together doing fun lovy stuff. We had doughnuts for breakfast and LOTS of candy trail fun
Grandma&pa Potts gave cute V-day outfits and "tickets" aka money to the kiddos
The yumm-o candy trails we got to follow for our little v-day prizes.
For dessert we ordered little cute love bugs our neighbor made, they were really cute little cake bites!
Sophie has become more independent lately and has often tired to dress herself for church, which daddy strangely approves of, I usually have to be the bad guy and make her change into something that matches. She also has been playing school a lot lately and came to me one day and help up her scribbles and started quizzing me on my "letters" I of course got them all wrong since I was totally guessing. The letter she is pointing to in that pic is an "H".
Phoebe had to start all the testing to see why she is a mini person. She is here with daddy at her 5 hr blood test. Daddy sat with her the whole time, I just popped in with the other kiddos to give her a little present.
Our YW New Beginnings was in Feb and we did a nautical theme since our theme this year is Embark in the Work. It turned our pretty darn cute I think!
Since Phoebe was off track in the end of the month we went to the zoo's free day. it was only a little cool, but really not bad since it was soo sunny!! I told Phoebe she looked just like gorilla and when she stood next to it, I couldn't tell who was who, she didn't like it too much ;)
I love the aquarium pic from the Zoo I love all four of them watching the seals so closely and the fact Sophie has her Olaf hat on backwards. Overall Feb was an exceptionally warm and sunny month, so we tired to get out and enjoy it!

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