Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Twiners First Day '13

So right after Labor day the our two crazy twiners finally got to start at their preschool. We had a fathers blessing for them the night before which they are super excited about since they just had seen Phoebe get one to start her school the week before.
The next morning , bright and early we started in on picture time. These two kiddos were MUCH more difficult to work with than the older Phoebs.  I was jumping and yelling(a lot of yelling) and everything else short of standing on my head to get cute pics.
The dude had a really short attention span for this and I had a hard time getting cute pics with him not trying to cross his eye, yes just one eye, in the pics.
Right as we were getting in the van to leave I remembered the cute back to school pencil sharpeners grandma Fergy gave me to give the kiddos.
When we got to the school all the kiddos lined up for first day of school pics in Mrs. Becky's house. I missed Cami, but here is a pic of Josh holding his sign.
After school Mrs. Becky gave all the kiddos fun and VERY messy cupcakes with a card that said my first day of school was a piece of cake!  Too cute, the kids absolutely adore their teacher and LOVE LOVE LOVE school!

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