Friday, October 4, 2013

Thanks for Coming Madsen Cousins

In the beginning of Sept we got the privilege of watching the Madsen cousins for a whole weekend. This was truly a treat for my kiddos, they were in heaven! We started off our party with homemade pizzas which turned out was a HUGE hit.
We then went to aunt Meggie & Blake's gender reveal party. We had fun busting open the pinata to find out that they are having a blue flavored babe.
I admit the kiddos got to bed a bit late on Friday but it didn't dent any of the early morning Saturday fun. We had 5 out of 7 up before 7am the next morning.
On Saturday we had several fun things planned, but most of it involved going out in the rainy day so instead we mainly played x-box, memory and snuggled up to watch shows on the computer.
Saturday later afternoon however we taught our fun cousins what it means to be in our house on a Duck game day! We had cheerleaders, fun go duck drawings, Lego Trophies for the Duck being winners... 
...& of course LOTS and LOTS of touchdown push-ups!
Upon special request/demand we had pizza again on Saturday night and homemade caramel corn while we watched our movie!
The next morning we went to church where we all got to enjoy my kiddos primary program. 
Josh and Kye were the funnest little potty buddies, they never went once the whole weekend with out the buddy, in fact I heard them more than one ask if the other wanted to go potty together. It was super fun for Josh to finally have another little boy in the house, he is always surrounded by girls. We all had a ton of fun with the Madsen kiddos and I have to say I was actually sad when they finally had to leave for home. Hopefully, we will get to have more fun cousin sleep overs in the future!

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