Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pre-Labor Day Parting 2013

As is our Fergy clan tradition every year the night before Labor day we had a yumm-o roast in grandma/pa Fergy's back yard. We roasted hot dogs over the fire pit, which Phoebe always has fun doing.
We then have an AWESOME smores bar with every fixing possible!
Some of the older cousins gathered after dessert, the effects of too much sugar I suppose, and taught Phoebe and Afton some slick dancing routins.
When the sun began to set Grandma turned our party into a no car drive -in complete with popcorn!
My kiddos had some extra sugar to burn off, however, and decided to have their own dance party out on the basket ball court.
This roast out is a fun little tradition that always marks for me the end of another summer of total Fergy fun!

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