Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What's New With Us Fergys???

In the last month there have been a couple big changes in the ole Fergy home. For one, Sophie is not in a crib anymore, but instead a big girl toddler bed. We didn't actually wan to change her yet, but she insisted we do it when one night she learned to climb out of her crib and we then could no longer keep her to stay in her crib. I always dread the non crib change, but Sophie has been really one of the EASIEST babies to change, she just sleeps in hr bed as if nothing has changed and she rarely every falls out. She does love her new found freedom to get n and out of bed and chose where she sleeps, which is as of late on the foot of Phoebe's bed.
The other beg change in out home is Phoebe no longer is a thumb-sucker  We finally got her to kick the habit with a mix of liquid Thum and fancy looking duct tape. It was a process that took a couple weeks  but once she had something to work for she just willed her self to stop almost overnight. She complained that it was a hard thing to be a grownup and not a baby, but she finally did it and so for a reward she got a new Pocahontas doll which she asked for along with the opportunity to stay up an extra 30 minutes and eat homemade ice-cream and with Mom & Dad.
You can see how genially excited she was to get this special date she earned and I am so proud to have my baby Phoebe finally be Thumb free!

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