Thursday, December 27, 2012

Misc. December Moments 2012

Here are a couple shots from throughout the last month:
Sophie LOVES Oreos & Cami now gets in the fridge all by herself ALL the time and I can't get her to stop & if she is given enough time to sneak in the fridge I find her making her own chocolate milk on the floor.
Sophie , like all my other kiddos, could survive on a plain noodle diet. It is heir FAVORITE food which is totally boring if you ask me.
We have to hose down our children after at least one meal on more or less a daily bases, for some reason I guess their mouths are not a large enough target to hit.
This is what my living room may look like if you randomly drop in during the middle of the day. I can't seem to get the kids to not make total disasters wherever they are.
Cami always has had a certain flare for fashion, unfortunately it is not what I would call mainstream fashion.She LOVES to sneak in my bathroom and apply& reapply lip gloss "lippy" daily. She usually cakes it on so much it is drippy and 90% is not actually on her lips.

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