Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Oh Fergy Tree...How Tasty are Thy Branches

At the beginning of Dec last year we assembled a gingerbread house with our kiddos and it was so wildly popular with our kiddos they began pointing out every tree kit in every store. This year, however  I decided I would go an easier rout and do a tree, something that can' collapse on you, instead.
I have to say this turned out great it was easier for he kiddos to get to help assemble and decorate, along with being a no stress pr prep project!
All he wee ones got REALLY into squeezing the bag of frosting on the tree. Many times they insisted they waned to do it all by them selves but that just made a mess as they squeezed it out of the top of the bag, so it became mandatory Mommy help.
The decorating candies were much more sparse in this kit, but it still turned out cute and there were still enough to eat and decorate!
This was definitely a winner project that will be repeated in years to come.