Monday, September 10, 2012

Funny Fergy Kiddos All August Long

The Fergy kiddos are definitely a crazy creative bunch of kiddos. The twiners are best pals and do almost everything together from cuddling up to watch shows together or cookies backing in the oven.
Cami is constantly into my cooking bowels and other items and playing with them which actually quite annoys me because then I have to keep washing them again & again. Phoebe is just the follower at this stage and does anything to get attention which most of the time means copying whatever her younger siblings are doing, good or bad.
One day I came into wake the twins for a late nap and I found ALL of Cami's clothes thrown all over floor.  It took me a couple seconds to even notice she had pulled out the dresser drawer to make herself a bed.WHAT A NUT! Cory is always arguing that the kids don't need a whole room we could just make them sleep in dresser drawers, now I see his point, they do fit. This is the bases for his argument:
Sophie can now crawl into the bathtubs by herself as I found out as Phoebe started yelling as I was folding laundry, "Mom Sophie got in my tub with her clothes on." This is pure trouble and she barely one yr old.
This is house is just like a big Home Deopt, filled with all sorts of NUTS!

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