Monday, September 10, 2012

August's "To Die For" Date Night

In August we had originally planned for a romantic movie night, but the the Hunger Games was released last month and both Cory and & I really wanted to see it so we decided instead to have a movie night to die for. We Googled Hunger Games date ideas and found 2 really great ones, plus some fun printables! We chose the simple dinner for the movie night and saved the one with more preparation for our Sunday meal. I have to say Cory and I liked but did not love the movie, however we both LOVED this meal it was SO yumm-o!
The next night I prepared the more time consuming Hunger Games themed meal & it was WELL worth the time to make we LOVED it as you can tell by Cami licking her plate clean. If you can't remember how this fit into the book here is the little excerpt.
"Cinna invites me to sit on one of the couches and takes his place across from me. He presses a button on the side of the table. The top splits and from below rises a second tabletop that holds our lunch. Chicken and chunks of oranges cooked in a creamy sauce laid on a bed of pearly white grain, tiny green peas and onions, rolls shaped like flowers, and for dessert, a pudding the color of honey."
Okay so my roll isn't very flower shaped, all I had was a star cookie cutter I tried to make work. and instead of pudding we had the worlds best apple sauce I found on Pinterest, but it worked because was still honey colored. It was a fun date night and I having easy yummy themed food all makes the stay at home date nights 100% more fun!

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