Saturday, September 22, 2012

2 Dates with Daddy & 1 with Mommy

Phoebe has been waiting what seems like forever for her "daddy date" which was to go to the dinosaur museum down at Thanksgiving Point. She loved seeing all of the dinosaurs and explaining that the dino bones are called fossils to Daddy. We saw tons of seashell fossils as well as some large fish; when Daddy asked her how big this one was, she thought about it and ultimately answered eleven-teen (alex tribeck from SNL would be proud). The erosion table was pretty busy, but Phoebe was able to secure a bunch of dinosaurs and trees to play with. At the computer, she was able to color her very own dinosaur. As you come to the end, they have the paleantologist area where she spent another half hour just digging around and brushing clean the fossils. As we left, she decided that this was the "best Daddy date EVER." 
Cami and Josh shared their "daddy date" to Thanksgiving Point for the dinosaur museum. They were fascinated by all of the dinosaurs - running from fossil to fossil to point out and make sure Daddy didn't miss any of them. Somehow Cami got ahead of Josh and so by the time he got to the next dino, Cami was off and running to the next one . . . which resulted in a chaotic choreography that resembled "herding cats." Their favorite exhibits were the insects frozen in amber and the megalodon (where Cami demonstrated her gymnastic bars routine). Both of them loved the fossil digging pit and spent forever helping each other uncover the next great paleontology discovery.
Like last year, right before Phoebe started preschool I took her out on a Mommy date to pick out a couple new outfits and enjoy an extra special ice cream treat. She definitely remembered this tradition from last year and kept asking when this date was going to be and when we were finally on the date she didn't care much about picking out clothes she was just so excited to get the ice cream, where once again her creation was a nutritionist's nightmare and my was  fruity-licious! Next year I might have to switch things up and eat first then shop second so she actually enjoys picking out her outfit and doesn't just want to buy the first item we look at.

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