Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Love To See The Temple

We started off Sept 1st with a fun ole Fergy trip to the Brigham City Temple open House. We met at one site then took a bus up to the temple, which the kiddos LOVED & still talk about!  The morning of our temple visit as rain filled and cooler but I am not sure if it as fortunate or not, since e ere then all WAY over dressed for the temp, the sun came out. The temple it's self was really gorgeous and in fact might have been one of my very favorites. Brigham City itself is known for its peaches and is called the peach city where every year they have peach days so throughout the who temple there are very pretty peach blossom details.
We also learned all the woodwork was hand card and there as wood EVERYWHERE, the carpet was brought in as all one length and then hand trimmed down to have peach blossom shapes in it, and this was one of the first if the not first to have smoky glass chandeliers instead of clear which I LOVED because it gave them an iridescent gold sparkle.
After the open house everyone was melting in the heat and warm clothes so get met up for some yummy refreshing ice cream! Even Sophie and mommy got in of the fattening messy ice creamy goodness. On a side note: I love the fact that Cami continued to lick her cone in spit of the fact that her ice cream is actually on the table in front of her and she is oblivious if it.
Temple open houses are always an adventure with kids, but I love that they are open to ALL then and even my kiddos in all heir irreverent glory can actually get to go in them and enjoy their beauty on the inside too and not just on the outside like we normally do.

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