Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You Have your Diamond Jubilee... We Have Nat'l Doughnut Day

On June 1st Cory's Mom called bright and early to wish us Happy Doughnut Day, a holiday I had never heard of before, but decided MUST be celebrated. To party it up right I sent a text to my neighbors that we would all be celebrating in the park with fresh doughnuts at lunch. I made 2 kids of doughnuts, chocolate baked & cinnamon sugar fried. This also was my very first experience with frying, something I am usually religiously against, but it actually turned out VERY delicious and wan't greasy or fired tasting at all!  At the end of the day I made near 70 chocolate doughnuts and 60+ Krispy Kreme style doughnuts
Th day was pretty warm and since there are no trees for shade at our neighborhood park we all sat in the shade of one of the buildings. It was fun o have such a good turn out of the neighborhood moms & kiddos. Phoebe even got a hold of my camera and took a couple pics of her friends that came to play and share doughnuts with her.
Grandma Fergy even stopped in to celebrate with us on this joyous holiday! All my kiddos LOVED eating way too many doughnuts, drinking yummy koolaid and playing in the park with all their friends. This is something we will definitely have to remember to celebrate in future years.

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