Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Sweet Sophie

Sophie is our most patient child and so she ofen gets overlooked. Such as when she is quietly sitting in her seat while I deal with three others screaming. This poor girl sat so well she eventually gave up and started her afternoon nap here.
Besides being our most patent child Sophie is also our very best eater! She will eat anything as long as we don't try and feed it to her. For example,  she LOVES enchiladas and went to town downing these suckers! she was so completely covered in sauce I couldn't help but take a pic. Good thing I had stripped her before dinner, the sauce was so potent in color it took a couple baths to get her the right color again.

On a side note I had to put these last couple of pics in just to remind us in the future how much Sophie LOVES to look out windows.  she stand on her tippy toes in our room to peek out the windows and she loves having her crib so she can see out the window. She stares out her window for long periods of time and it especially makes me laugh when I am out back and all of a sudden I heat her give a shout out to us and then peak her head out to look down on us.

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