Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blue bunny Ice-Cream & Swimsuits

In the middle of May I was chosen again to Host a House Party. This time it was for Blue Bunny Sweet Freedoms Ice cream. This party was the easiest to date all I had to d was go pick out my free ice cream then we set up a table at the park and dished it out. I was pleasantly surprised on the awesomeness of the low fat ice cream especially the caramel vanilla swirl... HEAVEN! All the kids loved running around at the playground with each other while eating ice cream & the parents enjoyed relaxing on the perfect evening chatting it up. In all, I had 42 people attend, my biggest house party to date, and we sill had tons of ice cream left at the end of the night. 
This spring had been an abnormally warm one, setting several record highs, so to battle the heat we have pulled out the water pad early and enjoyed several refreshing toe dips. This is Sophie's first experience in a swimsuit & with sprinklers, so far she is more adventures to explore it than any of my other babies did their first year.

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