Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Phoebe's Preschool Graduation 2012

In the end of May Phoebe "graduated" from preschool. Rally it was more of a program of songs and a congrats certificate, since she still has one more year of preschool before she starts kindergarten. Phoebe was really into singing his time more than her programs in the past.
Phoebe was so proud of her certificate she got & was thrilled to give her favorite teacher Mrs. Thomson (or Thompson Monson as she calls her, she get her named confused with the Prophets) her teacher appreciation gift we got, which was a big box of strawberries and a tag that said we couldn't have "picked" a better teacher.
After wards we took some little pics with our graduate and she got some fun little gifts from various family members.
Grandma Fergy came to the program and gave Phoebs some princess balloons and a cute decorate yourself wooden mirror. Grandma/pa Potts sent $5 to get a treat from the ice cream truck, which she is really excited to do & we gave her a purple dress up dress. I would say our mini grad made out pretty well and is SUPER excited to start the 4 yr old preschool class in the fall!

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