Tuesday, April 17, 2012

'Twas the Night Before Easter...

After a bit of a rough dinner (it took Phoebe 1hr PLUS timeout time to finish her tidbit of delicious dinner) we finally got to dying Easter eggs, which turned out to be a MONUMENTAL FAIL. First of all I thought I would be prepared and buy a non spilling egg dying container that was nearly so impossible to put together that I told Cory I may or not  have been thinking expletives in my mind while trying to get the lids on the containers. After I finally got all the containers together we wanted to try this cool idea we saw on Pintrest where where you wrap rubber-bands tightly around eggs and wherever the band is no dye will be. That was another fail because the bands mainly weren't getting on tight enough and one we finally got on tight enough only to have the band snap lose in the dye spraying Josh & daddy's clothes with bright pick dye. Cory then ran to the laundry to scrub stain remover, hints who josh is topless in the picture. Our final fail was the dye was cheap and even after eterniy in the yellow and green the eggs nearly came out as white as  they went in ...UHGGG  we then moved on to the next project.
Wrapping our Resurrection rolls. This is an idea I have seen before but up until recently I have been yeast inept and had to avoid every recipe to do with it. This year, now that I am a yeast making pro, we finally make these fun rolls.  We took a little flatted out dough and a large marshmallow which we had to fight the kids not to just eat right away and wrapped with the dough in a ball, symbolizing Jesus in the tomb.
The kids LOVED this activity and we will DEFIANTLY be making this a new tradition for Easter eve! I especially love the fact that if you look closely you can see Cami's marshmallow has a big bite out of it.
After the rolls we took a minute to review why we celebrate Easter an then ran our way ready for bed tikes upstairs. On one last note, Cory and I both agreed next year the kids will just get markers just to color on eggs, we are burned out on egg dying for AT LEAST 2+ years, or if Cory gets is way FOREVER!

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