Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Time Fergy Fun


On Easter morning this year we were in a bit of a rush since we have 9am church so the Bunny didn't come until after naps. Instead, we ate our waaaay yummy resurrection roll with turned out perfectly hollow just as they were suppose to!  Phoebe insisted on eating her Eater breakfast with her bunny ears on to celebrate.
After eating we were able to get a few pics in before we left,  we were 5 minutes late, but worth it to get some cute pics before hair inevitable gets messed up at church.
After church Sophie unfortunately had to immediately go down for a nap, but the older 3 let me take a few more photos.
We then planted our magic beans to grow while we took naps. It was so nice this Easter I was thrilled to plant them outside. On a side note, Cami took the Phrase a little dirt don't hurt to heart as she quickly dug up a few of our magic beans and ate them before running off to naps. I LOVED having the bunny come at nap time because everyone was so eager for naps that they RAN to their beds (I told Phoebe the bunny won't come if anyone is awake). Even that wasn't fast enough for Phoebs she kept telling the twins they needed to go faster because she could, "Hear the bunny skipping to our house...it is by the garage so we need to HURRY!"
This year the magic beans grew FISH!
The bunny got bubble bath for the 3 older and their own binder of file folder games. Sophie got a sippy and a book.
The kids of course LOVED their bubbles and after some instructions were amused with the file folders.  I told Phoebe the bunny brought fun stuff and she quickly corrected me and said, "No mom, you just made this stuff." Ahhh, smart kids are annoying; she didn't press the issue any further so I pretended I didn't just hear what she said.
After seeing the digs the Bunny brought, each of the kiddos got to see their GINORMOUS stash Grandma&pa Potts sent them for Easter, which I laid out on the grass outside. You will note Josh & Cami both zeroed in on the candy before I could even take the picture.
While we made calls to grandparents and great grandparents to wish all a happy Easter & finish dinner, the 3 olders fished and fished to their little hearts content & Sophie read her new book with daddy.
Cami once again attempted to shovel as much candy in her little mouth as possible, I am sooo glad she only had a little bit of it and didn't even miss it that much on Monday morning mommy bundled the rest up to go find a new home.
We then had a way delicious Easter dinner with our little family.
(Yes most all of our kiddos are naked because we didn't want to risk Easter outfits getting ruined.)
As a special treat, we got dressed in our pjs got to go and enjoy a long wonderful evening walk as a family before bedtimes.

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