Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It Just isn't a Holiday without Peeps

When Cory and I were first married I made the comment that it just wouldn't be a holiday without Peep, referring to the fact they now make them for EVERY holiday now & not the fact I actually like them. Well, Cory misunderstood and thought I loved them so she bought be a big pack of PeeP hearts for out first v-day together. I quickly set the record strait I don' actually love them and ever since then we laugh when ever we see peeps. Which brings us full circle to Grandma Fergy's Easter PeeP Party. We made all things PeePs.

We made Peep Pops, which you can see passed Cami's picky pallet test, but not Phoebe's.
We made Peep Smores and once again Cami approved and Phoebe did not
Finally we made Peep pillow cases which all loved doing!
While we were doing all the festivities Sophie found fascination with Zach's big trucks and Amber's supper fun stairs.
Just so Sophs didn't feel left out I thought I would try to see how she would do with a Peep... verdict she LOVES them!
After our PeeP Party we went out back to play, which meant the twins had to check up on aunt Amber's their beloved chickens that they rarely get to see. Cami even climb in the cage with them at one point but I didn't get a pic of it.
Lunch was provided, but nobody but Sophie cared much.  Sophie took to Crustables PB&J sandwiches like a bear and a picnic basket.  I started her off with 1/4 a sandwich which then turned into 1/2 a sandwich and then when that wasn't still enough she climbed off her little chair and went after Josh's & cousin Jared's sandwiches.
Sophie took a tour of all the deserted lunch plates as all the rest of the siblings/cousins play and played in the back yard until mean ole mommy made them kiss & hug goodbye for the long drive home for naps.
Thanks Grandma Fergy for a PeeP-tastic Easter Party & Amber for providing the beautiful abode!

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