Friday, March 23, 2012

B-Ballin' it Around with Buddies

In the beginning of March to celebrate March Madness Grandma Fergy threw all the grand-kiddos a B-Ball Party. All the food you can see is basketball themed with color and/or roundness. All the kids LOVED it all, especially he cheese balls and candy!
After lunch we all headed out to play several basket ball types of games. Slam dunk practice, relay warm ups, and free throw tosses with basketball bean bags to name just the first few.
Some of my kids got quickly distracted and began to do their own game playing, & others got very cranky seeing as it was nap time.  Note the next several pics Sophie is thoroughly unhappy with with the party, even Phoebs tried to calm her down with a quick kiss on her head.
In spite of a cranky Sophie, the games were just starting, we then played hide the basketball. If you note everyone is suppose to have covered eyes, Cami did well but Mr. Josh is just plan cheating.
After about one or 2 rounds of hat game 3 out of 5 of the 2yr olds found another way to party on...dancing on grandmas grate over the fire pit.
After all the games each of the kiddos was awarded a medal that said winner on it. Some more than others were thrilled with this prize.
Grandma then also put together a fun basketball themed gift bag or each of the kiddos as a prize to take home.
Afterwards we packed in a little more playtime with the cousins before it was time to pack up and head home.
Despite Sophie's view on the party the rest of us had a lot of fun at the March Madness Basketball Bash!

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