Friday, March 23, 2012

Luck O' the Fergusons

This year for St. Patty's Day the little leprechauns brought us a couple family fun gifts!
To find the stash, however the kiddos had to follow the trail of golden coins, which some of my kids though they were too cool to do, so they sat back and watched others do the work for them.
The kids all were excited to find the leprechauns left them a musical rainbow coloring pad, a colorful Udraw pad for our Xbox and "Lucky Charms".
Every year the leprechauns play a few tricks on our morning breakfast which thoroughly upset Phoebe. This year they turned her milk & my eggs green in our breakfasts.
After breakfast we all played with our new toys, the kiddos LOVE the Udraw pad for the Xbox they sit there forever (well forever for our kids) and take turns drawing and coloring on the TV.
Grandma & pa Potts sent all of our little leprechauns something green to wear for the big day so after they were all dresses up we had a mini photo shoot. (I know Cami's outfit is mainly pink, but it has a green shirt with it.)
For dinner I got to use my cute green and yellow dishes for only the 2nd time, I thought it made for cute St. Patty's Day decor to our yummy Irish meal of homemade soda bread, corned beef, cabbage, carrots, turnips, potatoes.(Cory really wanted to try turnips this year since they seemed Irish to him.)
Cory's mom and brother were able to join us for our feast, which always makes it more fun; plus this was the first time Cory's mom had a homemade Corned beef Irish meal. I hope it was all she expected, because we sure loved it all!
After dinner our guests had to go so we played a little more on the Udraw pad and then put all our greens to bed. Some of them, however, refused to sleep and instead did naughties such as learn to pull and stand our selves up in our crib for the first time.
I know we tend to celebrate St. Patty's more here then many others do, but it is a pretty fun holiday and we always enjoy any excuse to party hardy around here!

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