Monday, March 12, 2012

10 Mos Old

I can't believe my Sophs is 10 months old. She has grown up SOO much in the last month!
Sophie now crawls on her hands and knees and no longer army crawls; she also can pull her self up on her knees and has learned that the fridge is the "cool" place to be and quickly comes a crawling anytime she sees it open.
Sophie cut 2 more teeth and spent a couple weeks as a vampire before she cute her 3rd tooth of the month for a grand total of 5 teeth and now looks like my snaggle tooth baby (her 6th tooth is about to break through any day now!)
Sophie has finally learned to pick up food and feed herself, which is and isn't a blessing because now we are constantly fishing random stickers, old noodles, etc out of her mouth. Sophie will eat most everything, except for baby food, bread items such a rolls & chocolate pancakes are her favorite!
Miss Sophie had begun to be a demanding child when she wants food or to be held, but for the most part she is still pretty easy, the only hard part is keeping an eye on her while upstairs, because she can really book it toward the stairs when she has her mind set to it. We had the baby gate up for 2 days at the top of the stairs, but quickly found it was MORE annoying than helpful...SO we will just have to keep an extra eye out for this cuite!

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