Friday, January 27, 2012

Two of a Kind

In spit of all the screaming and beating the twins do on each other at the end of the day they LOVE each other and don't like to be separated. They sleep in the same bed still and even when there is a whole couch Cami snuggle up right next to her bro. & by the smile on Josh's face you can see he loved it.
Unlike Phoebe was at 2years old Cami is our resident little mother; she LOVES carrying around baby dolls & she dresses them, wraps them, rocks them, & changes them.(Phoebe use to kick her dolls and throw them across the room & if she snuggled anything it was a bear.) Cami hates when Sophie cries and is the first one there with kisses and to make her laugh.  So bearing this in mind when I was trying to cook dinner the other night and feed Sophie, so started to cry and Cami came and grabbed the already made oatmeal right off the counter behind me and went right over and began to feed Sophie for me. Surprisingly enough she didn't hardly gagged Sophie and Sophie ate her whole bowl of oatmeal.
I am predicting Cami will be the my child who goes into a care taking carrer or has a ton-o-kids.

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Lauren said...

Cami feeding Sophie is so darn cute! And congrats on your weight loss goals. You look fantastic!