Friday, January 27, 2012

Cami's First Cut

Cami has more lushes hair than any of my other children and it was driving her and me crazy. Her because it kept falling in her eyes and food and me because it ALWAYS was messy tangles. Last week we decided we  finally needed to do something about it so we took her to our wonderful neighbor Candice for her first hair cut. You can see she did have longer red lock
We went over not knowing what we should do bangs or not, length?? But my neighbor is great with hair and knew exactly what to do for our cutie Cams. Her last picture with bangs is uncanny how much then looks like me a little girl.
After styling her hair and a day to get use to the bangs I now LOVE Cams' hair and I think she really loves not getting her hair pulled when it's brushed & not fighting the hair constantly falling in her face. She even gave me her signature wink of approval!

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