Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So My Kids Like Powder Sugar

A couple of weeks ago I cam down stirs to Cami eating spoon fulls of powered sugar off the floor so I decided it was time we do something to prevent this mess from happening again.
Hints our not so hand child door lock on the pantry.
This morning I, however, learned a valuable lesson...locks do no good when the powered sugar is left out on the counter.
This was a HUGE mess and to help me out as I was vacuuming it up Josh got out of my way and sat on the couch so then the couch.  Thanks Josh for spreading the sugary wealth now on to the couch.
Poor Cami was feeling left out since she was upstairs with me and not making the mess so she waited after I swept up the mess in the trash can and decided to resurrect the mess by dumping out the trash can on the floor. Thanks a lot Cams.