Tuesday, September 6, 2011

House Warmings and a Fergy "Cracks" Night

So I am late in posting as I am behind in everything lately, if you could only see the MOUNDS of folding I am delinquent in getting to...ANYWAY back to posting. Last month Dave, Cory's twin, bought his first home and as a house warming gift we gave him a gift of both beauty and function, a bouquet of new toilet seats.
In the middle of last month we also had one last girls day before the other Fergy Family (Dennis, Julie & Afton) moved to Ireland for a few months.  This one was lower key then our usual  full day of activities.  For this one we just gathered together had delicious chocolate fondue with a TON-O- TOPPINGS and did some "cracks" (what Phoebe calls crafts).
We did distressed blocks of temple pics, I chose my beloved Portland Temple, while the rest of the crew chose do the Salt Lake Temple.  It now sits on the entertainment unit, much to Cory's dismay (his isn't a huge fan of this "crack")
Davey joined us for this "girls" evening as he usually does, but when he left to go stay in his new home for one of the fist nights ever mom of course broke down, so sad to have the last baby fly the nest.
In spite of all the tears this was a fun & yummy night  for the all the Fergy "gals".  Thanks Julie for putting it all together!

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